Project goal

Our goal was to make the road for everyone a little bit safer, by aiming on those who are frequently users of the road. With our product we want give feedback on the driver’s behavior, if he/she is going to cross the side lines when not intended. Many traffic accidents occur due to unintended or to less focus during switching lines on the highway.  We as a group wanted to deal with this problem and try to solve it or at least make it a little better. By tracking when the driver is going to be near to a lane and giving him feedback on this, we want to make the driver more alert on his action.

Our hope is that by making the driver more alert on his/her action, line switching, he will when the line switch wasn’t intended he will adjust his driving. The effect would be that the road users will be more focused on the road, especially those who have to drive a long way. Those who drive a long way, will be more likely to ride on automatic pilot or get unfocused and distracted. By giving them feedback, we want to try to make them more alert.

Our goal was to make the product available for everyone with a car, with no different if the car is new, old, high-tech, simple etc. Therefore we want to make an affordable and durable product.

Report: Report, Just Cruisin, Group 6