Overall Growth

I started the Bachelor without any direction I wanted to grow towards. The field of design is not something I knew much about and therefore I did not have a goal in mind. However I decided to take this opportunity and the fact that the curriculum allows for personalization, because it is quite flexible; I chose to not only develop myself in each expertise area but also at the same time explore what areas my interests lied.

These years taught me not only what kind of designer I am but also professional skills that allow me to become this kind of designer. While I still consider myself to be searching for answers to the direction I want to go in. I have been able to decide on a direction I currently want to move towards. A designer who can be understanding, good at evaluating, be capable of creating and push others.

Expertise integration

During my Final Bachelor Project I attempted to intergate the expertise areas within the project.

User & Society

This project was done during a difficult period of time. This made contact with others difficult. However the Forgiveness and Regret Wristband was made with the user in mind. With the qualitative research method of face-face questionnaires, Design was iterated upon again which resulted in the final design. Because the wristbands were made to change negative emotions of people, there was a potential risk involved with getting intimate information. However this was avoided by focusing on the design itself and not asking for any personal information.

Creativity & Aesthetics

This project started like any other project with a lack of information. In order to resolve this I started with literature research. However it was made clear to me that exploring the design only on paper wouldn’t give a good result. I therefore tried to switch perspective and used an embodied method, by wearing and using the prototypes myself.

Development – Professional skills

During the FBP and Bachelor as a whole, professional skills were directly and indirectly learned. Some of the skills were more difficult to learn for me than others.


Communication was a difficult skill for me to learn. This was mostly due to my personality as well as I hadn’t yet developed certain expertise areas. Eventually during the Bachelor, I worked in many different groups of people. This gave me the insight and practice to become better. In the end I learned that nature of first listening to others proved to be a strength while talking to stake holders and fellow students. Furthermore as I got better at visualizing ideas and designs, my communication only improved more.

Development – Design research processes

At the beginning of the Bachelor I was introduced to the user-centered design process. This involves the users from the beginning of the process. However during the Final Bachelor Project it was difficult for me to do so. I therefore tried a different approach than usual. Instead the design was made based on a first person perspective and later evaluated with individuals. This approached is more a research process. I found it interesting to see the result of how the process went. However this is unlike how I worked in the past. In previous projects I would make a stricter plan. Through this experience I learned that planning the process ahead better suites me, and results in better structured process.