In general I have changed a bit. My vision and Identity have changed since my first PDP. I made them a little more specific than the first time. I did this when looking at my Identity by adding a value/trait which I didn’t recognize about myself at first. This is the importance that I have for respecting others and how we should try to keep their values in mind and not dismiss them. I learned that I have always were doing this as a result of me preferring to observe more than just jumping the gun when it came to working on designing. I realized this after I noticed that I enjoyed the courses like Intercultural design, Design for multiple stakeholders and User-centered design. All these courses have in common that I looked at what values and norms people have and I enjoyed doing so.

My Vision also changed a bit. Instead of using entertainment I now want technology to be entertaining while at the same time making life easier. Beside this I also removed the idea of preventing people to become lazy. Of course I don’t want people to become lazy but I feel that my vision should be focused on that as I am more interested in making life easier and healthier lives already are a part of this.

Beside my identity & vision in my PDP I also wrote some goals. All of these goals I managed to reach, however the goal of understanding business I do feel a bit conflicted about. What I wanted was to learn more about business plans/ models, basically the money aspect. However I misunderstood what the course focused on. So I did increase my business understanding but not the way I wanted to in the beginning. Despite this I am happy with how it worked out. My PDP can by found underneath.

PDP– Rueben Rozenblad