I would like to become an Industrial designer to change the world in a big or small
way and leave an imprint in the world. I like the idea of helping technology make the
lives of people easier and better. I would say my most important traits are being responsible, sometimes stubborn and work hard at things I’m interested in. Not that I can’t work hard at things I don’t like but if I see something interesting, so not that I really like it, I generally work a bit harder. My friend would describe me as calm, humble, a good listener and smart. I don’t really see some of these things myself. Humble and smart aren’t really things I would say about myself but I appreciate it. I therefore would consider myself a designer that takes everyone’s values and norms in account. However I’m not the designer that only thinks about making society better by solving social problems. I’m the designer that takes a less direct approach by making fun and useful things, which can make peoples life easier. This can result in a better society without forcing people.

I think that in our current society that there are a couple of norms and values that are
only being said and not followed. Values like honesty and justness. It shouldn’t be like
this. I would like my work to correct this. Design should function in society as a way to lead and support people to becoming a better society. Like a tool that you can use. I believe that technology will be even more implemented in our daily lives in the future.
My vision for the future is one in which we can have technology make entertainment
more engaging and fun, daily tasks easier, in general make life easier, without losing
making people lazy or unhealthy