I am a designer who strife’s to create designs to make peoples life better, by
guiding them more to a positive direction. The traits that help me do so, are me being responsible, sometimes stubborn and work hard at things I’m interested in. In a group I try to place myself as a calm and good listener. While I don’t often jump to have the position of a leader, I will always do it if I think the situation heading towards a negative result. I therefore would consider myself a designer that takes everyone’s values and norms in account. So if it is a colleague or a user, I try to listen to them first and work with them instead of against them. However I’m not the designer that only thinks about making society better by solving social problems. I’m the designer that can be satisfied by working on a smaller scale. An approach by making fun and useful things, which can make peoples life easier always seems attractive.

I think that currently people easily forget or don’t pay attention to how they influence and affect others. It shouldn’t be like this. I would like my work to make people more conscience of their behavior or at least guide them to positive ones . Design should function in society as a way to lead and support people. Like a tool that you can use but one that isn’t enforced. I believe that technology will be even more implemented in our daily lives in the future. I believe the future will be one in which designs can be  entertainment, more engaging and fun, make daily tasks easier and in general make life easier. At first I wanted designs to be as simplistic as possible and have it be as everyday as possible. However I now I appreciate certain designs to have a rough edge. Designs should help create small fun or meaningful moments of the day or help to people in trouble. It can help give some positive emotions or guide to positive behavior without bothering the users.