cropped-img-20170405-wa0016.jpgCreative Electronics mini project

For Creative Electronics I worked with someone else as a duo to complete the assignments. As a final assignment we we asked to do a quick project and create something electronically impressive.

We decided to make a parasol that automatically tracks the movement of the sun and adjusts its position towards it. Unfortunately we weren’t able make it move like we intended it to, but nonetheless it did move and stop at the light.

Our report: Final Report DBB200 by Group 76

Our poster: Poster miniproject CE




From Idea to Design mini project

During the course of From Idea to Design me and a group of people had to design something. It was my first experience with the design process and designing in general. We eventually made Mr.Lily a smart flower that should be placed at the dinner table. By tracking the movements of the utensils we would gather data which we used for visual feedback. This is meant to give children insight in how well they are eating.

The report that was made: FITD report