compentency map2Math, Data & Computing is the area I developed the least, even though I have done courses within this area I haven’t finished them well. In order for me to say that I have developed myself more I think I need to be better than when I started at the beginning of the year. I don’t feel like this is the case. My basis in math from middle school I already found to be a bit less. I tried hard by practicing a lot to pass the exams. So beginning this year with the courses calculus and modelling I found difficult especially calculus. I know I can do it however I had not spend enough time in practicing. As for modelling, because I wasn’t very confident in the mathematical side I didn’t work as much with it. Explaining on paper the formulas I found to be easy ,but when translating this into mathematical formulas I had trouble thinking of them in a short time and I doubted them a lot. However from this I did learn that it is better to stick with my initial thoughts and improve them if it turns out to be wrong. Therefore in the future if I need to do something like modelling again I will try to refrain from thinking too long about my initial thoughts and work with those first. So while I did try to work on this expertise area I do not feel like I succeeded in improving it like how I wanted it to be.

Modelling report: SkyScraperPaper

User & Society is an area that I would consider to be more developed in. The courses I have taken in this area were finished with a passing grade. The courses were User-centered design and From Idea to Design and Intercultural design. From Idea to design was my first introduction to working in a group and how the design process is. I did research, helped with filming and brainstormed ideas during this course. The knowledge I gained from this I apply to my project and will use in future assignments.

The course User-centered design introduced and taught me about the user-centered approach to I have during the course I noticed and learned that this way of working really helps making something that is more useful and better for users than just simply designing a product and later finding out the users cannot use it or don’t have any need for it. During the course I worked in a group to apply this new knowledge by designing a product. Therefore I want to use this knowledge in the future for assignments which require more thought about the users.

Beside this course, the course Intercultural design also helped me gain insight about how people can few things different and that when designing a product, paying attention and being aware for which culture your making it can help me prevent misunderstandings. Preventing this misunderstandings can help my products be successful. During the course I saw different examples of these situation and practiced applying the knowledge to an old project. I also worked in a group and worked on an interview with an expat, about his experience about cultural differences. The things I learned from them I can see myself using in the future a lot. Also in the project I applied the skills by thinking about different cultures and our target group. Thinking about these things I have also done for other mini projects and assignments and will probably continue doing so.

Creativity & Aesthetics is an area I wanted to develop a lot. I wanted to developed this area from the beginning. Therefore I tried to improve my skills in general by starting to learn how to use programs like adobe illustrator or Photoshop. I have developed this mostly by working on aesthetics in different courses, mainly making visuals in Photoshop but I also edited a video. These images and posters I made do seem to become better as the feedback I am getting is positive. This area seems to me to be useful as it is something that can be applied in every situation and assignment. During the project I also worked on this by working on posters. When working on these things I also started thinking about how people would interpret it or if it is clear enough for them to understand. Therefore I do see some relation between this area and the area of User & Society.


These are the visuals I worked on. Beginning at the bottom from no experience , moving to the one left above where I started to understand some basic. The one on the right was made for the project 1, and was made together with someone else.

Technology & Realization is one of the areas that I feel least confident in. I followed the courses Creative Electronics and Creative Programming which helped me develop this area of expertise. A reason for my lack in confidence is that despite finishing them with passing grades after that I haven’t used the knowledge in practice further. I did create ”game” during programming and a Parasol that moves towards the light.



Creative Electronics:Parasol



My deliverable Creative programming: Challenge 2


However during the project there was a big aspect of the prototype that required this area of expertise. The prototype needed to have several vibration motors which had to turn on in a specific way. This required the skills that I learned from both courses but I didn’t work on it that much except observing how someone else in the group worked on it mostly. This was mainly because having multiple people work on it at the same time seemed difficult, thus I decided to focus on areas, like Creativity and Aesthetics. However I did try to follow what the other did and tried to understand what steps he took in order to have the technology working in the prototype.


Business & Entrepreneurship is an area of which I feel I made the most improvement despite only following one course and not applying it during my project. I followed the course Designing for multiple stakeholders to improve this area. I decided to follow this because had absolutely no experience in this area and therefore wanted to improve this and apply it to my project 1 at the same time. During this course I had the chance to work for an existing company which also helped me apply the knowledge gained from the course in real life. The things I learned here mainly was to make a design proposal with keeping the values from different stakeholders in mind. This was taught by introducing me to tools like value proposition canvas, value flow model, etc..

The presentation that was given: Final presentation- Design for multiple stakeholders

This area therefore also helped me improve my User & Society area by applying some of that experience during this course. Besides learning how to manage between different stakeholders I also got some more experience with arguing a design proposal with business models. The reason why I consider myself to have improved the most is because I started with no experience to having some decent knowledge. This can be seen by the grade given by the company for our proposal presentation and asking us to give the presentation at the company itself. So compared to the other area’s my knowledge grew the most out of them all.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to apply this to the project 1. Mainly because I was following this course and improving this area while working simultaneous on the project. Therefore I could immediately apply this to the project because I learned at the same time as the project’s last quartile, making it not possible for me to work on it before the deadline. I should have expected this small problem, but I expected to learn a too that I could have used immediately and that was relevant to our project. This wasn’t the case but now I know that for other courses and projects.

design proposal visualShort description of our design proposal for Designing for multiple stakeholders.